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Faith: The Way of the Supernatural

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

“Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him.” Mark 11:23

There has been a misunderstanding of the operation of faith that doesn’t correlate with how Jesus and His followers operated in the supernatural. If we aren’t seeing at least the same results as they saw, we must assess the accuracy of our operating system.

This post is going to focus on a few principles of faith that if applied will cause a shift in how you approach life and situations that come before you.

Are you ready to operate in the miraculous?

Are you ready to walk in victory?

Are you ready to change your life?

If so, keep reading!

1. Walking by Sight is Walking in Defeat

If you approach the way you operate in faith by natural assessments you will be defeated before you get started. Faith has no roots or substance in the natural realm. Situations have a way of appealing to our natural senses and we have a way of responding to them from a natural position.

Faith is rooted in the divine realm. Faith finds its origin in the mind/thoughts of the Father. It operates from a law that is greater than natural laws.

When you look at situations that arise in life it is important to see them through the lens of the Father. This why prayer and the word are so important. They heighten your consciousness to the One who stands head and shoulders over all. Eph. 2:6 lets us know that we have been raised up and are equally present with Him at this moment in the throne room. This is the place from which we walk in faith. As citizens of heaven, we know that what the Father has declared to be law and truth are settled.

What He has declared doesn’t require prayer, but it requires movement. Jesus heard and saw what the Father did and moved in syncopation to His movements. Jesus didn’t tell the disciples to pray for the sick; He said to heal them. There is a difference. I don’t pray for what it is. I step into it. If the Father has spoken it then it is framed in the spirit. What has been framed materializes in the natural as we intentionally step into them.

2. Faith is the Father’s Mind about a Situation

Faith is not this complicated thing that Jesus left us here to figure out on our own. Don’t over complicate things. Faith is simply what the Father thinks about your situation. You step into faith by receiving what He says and moving forward in it. We tend to mess up when we hear what He says, but then turn around and add our on seasoning to the pot. His word on a matter is enough. Let this mind that is it in Christ also reign in you. When His mind reigns it causes you to see from the perspective of heaven.

3. Christ Qualified You

Christ has qualified you to walk in faith and the supernatural. This is no doing of your own. While there are things you can do to build yourself on your most holy faith; simplicity is the way.

Jesus didn’t make the disciples jump through hoops before seeing the substance of faith manifest. He extended authority and gave them legal authorization to live powerfully by faith. You are identified in Christ and have received the same relationship that He has with the Father.

The gift of righteousness has qualified you to move in faith. Just do it! There are some things that God wants to do for, to, and through us, but because of the absence of faith, we miss the divine appointments that He has set for our lives. Wake up to the unlimited amount of faith that exists in Christ and step into it!

Story: I arrived at a crusade meeting to support my spiritual mother who was preaching that evening. I didn’t prepare for the meeting, and my only intention was to support her. During the meeting, she invited me up to assist her with working the altar. While I was up there I began to get words of knowledge and felt to ask everyone who needed a physical miracle to come forward. Condition after condition was healed in seconds. Shattered bones, swellings, back pains, people giving up their crutches, and more! I didn’t have any time to do anything but step into what God already declared done. Something I’ve learned about operating in miracles is not to over think. Jesus didn’t over complicate this ministry. Call forth the commanded blessing!

Thanks for reading! If this blessed you please share and lets chat below!

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