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5 Ways for Leaders to Empower Those They Lead Against Social and Racial Injustice

During these times many are looking for ways to support and/or make a contribution towards standing against social and racial injustice.

I wanted to focus this blog post towards pastor, leaders, and/or others who have a desire to lead in some facet.

Let's jump right in!

1. Be Resourceful.

Provide resources for those you lead to ensure their rights as citizens when encountering law enforcement. I want to highlight that this information is not meant for those who obtain it to become haughty, but so that they are informed to make educated decision and to be equipped with knowledge to discern whether or not their rights are being violated. I have provided a couple of links below.

2. Be Intentional.

Hold an event to ensure that your crew is registered to vote and provide them with information on the candidates that are running. There is an idea that has gotten into the hearts and minds of people that their vote doesn't matter. Encourage them to vote in both national and local elections as well provide awareness for the value that their voice has in making change.

3. Vote As a Family.

Once everyone is registered I vote set a date and make it an event. Assemble as a collective unit and vote as a family. This provides a measure of accountability and applies action to the information that was received in #2.

4. Engage the Community.

Get connected with your community to find out what their concerns are. After making your presence in the community and getting to know their voice hold a meeting where the community is able to connect with local law enforcement leadership to share their hearts and engage with those who enforce law.

One issue that people have is that they don’t feel heard. This is an opportunity for those whom they have grievance with to hear their voice.

5. Be Present at Local City Counsel Meetings.

What if local leaders united to strategize about ways to improve the lives of those who face social and racial injustice as well as the policies that condemn them?

These same leaders could then make collaborative efforts to be consistently present at city council meetings to share the ideas that have been developed and call for change. In addition, seek to connect with the Mayor their city.

While people want systematic reform, they are in need of leadership. They need a voice to bring focus to the issues that are at hand to galvanize strategies to advance forward.

I hope these five ways are helpful to give you a starting place for leading and initiating sustained change in your sphere of influence.

Thanks for reading and please share more ideas that you have below! Also, share this with anyone that you think will benefit from reading it!

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