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Teams & Ministries

Additional Ministries

Move Adjutant

Adjutants are responsible for covering Apostle Pace and any guest speaker spiritually as well as naturally. Duties include but not limited to Personal Armor Bearing, Altar Work, Administration, Media, and even travel. The role requires you to be attentive and proactive. Key success requires a servant's heart and a life of prayer.

Director: Shyla Mayes

Move Reach

The Evangelism Ministry serves as the arms of  Move Church. In order to make advances for the kingdom of Christ, our reach must be greater than the four walls of the church building. Through our outreach programs such as StrollCare, community dinners, drives, and neighborhood missions trips, Move Church strives to draw the members of our community to Christ.

Christian Education

The purpose of our Christian Education Ministry is to equip and release teachers to serve the Body of Christ by rightly dividing the Word of God (2 Tim. 2:15). Our teachers are mature Believers who have displayed an aptitude for teaching and training Christians in the Word of God. Our teachers can be found teaching Home Group Bible Studies, Move Church Orientation, and Move Ladies!  Although our teachers are often provided with a curriculum, they are able to teach according to their own particular style and the measure of their gift (Eph. 4:7).


Director: Pastor Salina Pace

Move Administration

Move Administration manages daily operations, maintains office supplies and records, Coordinates/plans/executes church events, assisting to create budgets, pay bills, oversee payrolls, track/record church income from donations and sales, recruit and hire staff and volunteers, handles church communications and publications, creates/distributes church newsletters, oversee church facility maintenance and security operations, assist with scheduling meetings, rent church equipment and facilities, and enforce church policies for facility use and build and maintain relationships with the congregation and community.


Director: Pastor Brukelle Banks

Move Tribes

The main and most important goal of Move Tribes is to keep all members of Move Church connected. We want to build a rapport with everyone, but that is difficult for senior leadership to do alone. We have to pull on other leaders to help with this monumental task. We are here to answer questions about the church, different ministries, senior leadership, salvation, tithing and so much more. Move Tribes were formed to minimize those questions. We also want to create and nurture the family and fellowship relationships between members.


Director: Pastor Brukelle Banks

Move Business

Move Business is a community of Christian Business Owners that are committed to the success of their kingdom responsibility. Our community provides a covering, resources, strategies, tools, support and motivation to all of our entrepreneurs. We work to ensure that our team is prepared for all aspects of business in its many forms!

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