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Healing “I’m Not Enough”

Let's start by saying this... You are enough. 

"I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well."

Ps. 139:14

Everyday we wake up and face different things in our lives that scream, "You aren't enough." This can range from our job, relationships, body weight, church or whatever your "it" is. While we are all continually maturing and processing in growth; we must learn to be content with ourselves. 

In a society and civilization that highlights your defects, God is highlighting your beauty. How wants you to know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God sees beauty in what other or even YOU may find peculiar and "weird" about yourself. He made you with intention and precision. He does all things well. 

David wasn't perfect in any sense of the word, but he saw beauty in himself because he realized that God's hands makes beautiful things. 

Lack was the initial scheme of the enemy to rob mankind of walking in the fullness of their design. In the garden, he was able to convince Adam and Eve that they were living in a deficit and this in turn caused them to lose sight of their abundance and beauty.

Let's start by addressing the root of what has created that "I'm not enough" thought in your life.

What happened to make you feel less than?

What didn't happen to make you feel less than?

There will always be things in life that come with negative connotations but they don't have to define you. These things can range from not being affirmed enough as a child to being abandoned as an adult. What does and doesn't happen to you doesn't have to determine whether or not you are okay. 

Even when you face situations in life that hurt, you must remember that you are powerful and can look your pain right in they eyes. When we let pain live in our temple it begins to create an atmosphere within us that sucks away at "life." 

The beginning of healing the lie of lack is realizing and believing that it is indeed a lie. God has overloaded your being with everything you need as an individual to thrive. 

Next you must address the area of infection. Somewhere along the line a wound has been left open and has become infected with lies that have affected the way you see you. 

Someone is saying, "Maybe this is God's way of keeping me humble." No ma'am, and no sir. God doesn't use mental anguish and emotional chaos to humble you. He is a good Father. Jesus died for you to be whole, not broken. 

Something else that is important when addressing pain is not trying to pretend that it isn't real. Often, the church tells us to have faith and ignore the fact that pain and trauma aren't real. 

It takes more faith to confront your pain and trauma than to pretend it doesn't exist. 

When you admit that what you are experiencing is real and that it has affected you, you position yourself to create a new reality. 

You are powerful and you get to define your reality. God has given you that gift and endowed you with the authority to do so. 

God wants you to know how amazing you are. He made you in His own image. Your pain doesn't strip you of your beauty. The bumps and bruises that you have endured in your life don't take anything from you. 

David declared that the Lord's works were marvelous and that his soul knew that to be very true. In the midst of all of the chaos in David's life, within the confines of his mind, will and emotions was the truth that "God made no mistakes with me."

I want you to take a moment and place your hand upon your heart. 

Speak to your heart and let your heart know that it's carried the pain long enough and that it is hurting you more than helping you. Receive peace there. Declare peace there and rest in that for a moment. Meditate upon the fullness of God's love filling every space. Receive His love. 

I hope that this week's post has been a blessing to you! Let's chat below and if you know other who will be blessed by this post please share :)  

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