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He Said What He Said!

With all that is going on today.

Racism. Economy declining. Politics. COVID-19. Mass shootings. And so on....

It's easy to become unsure of whether or not we’ll live to see another day. Some might even wonder, “Are we really safe?” In little to no time fear begins to settle in our minds and before we know it we are afraid to go to the grocery store, the mall, to get gas or even leave our house.

Fear begins to take root in our life and it leaves us contemplating if God is truly watching over us. Now if you have never had those thoughts then amen to that, but if you are like me and have had those thoughts or maybe you are still having them, allow me to help you conquer them instead of letting them convince you otherwise. In Psalms 91:9 -16, the Lord gives us a promise, a promise that we can stand on today. It’s almost as if he knew this day was going to come (spoiler alert, He did!) So because our God is so awesome He gave us a recipe for protection! David begins by telling us that we must allow The Lord who is our refuge to become our habitation. If you don’t know, a habitation is -the state or process of living in a particular place. We must eat, breath, sleep and live in His presence. He goes on to say that by doing this no disaster will come to you. Not only will you be protected, but He said no harm will come to your home, and that’s including everyone in it. Now for those who are still doubting or saying “okay God, but what about...” let me continue. God knew that we would have a “but” moment, that’s why although we are faithless, He is still faithful. Not only is His eyes on us, but He commands his angels to guard us in all of our ways. This means if we are concerned about it; the angels are already on watch! Not only will they watch but they will work. They will make sure that nothing comes against us, not even close enough to touch our feet.

Now if we somehow we get caught up in a conflict or entanglement (yup i just said it) the Lord steps in and comes to our rescue. He is the greatest help of all (Just praise Him real quick for reaching in and rescuing you when you didn’t know you needed it)!!! He does it not because it’s His job or because He has too, but He does it because He loves us. Once we acknowledge His name (that means realizing all of the power and authority we have by calling on His name) He will answer us, that’s a promise. I’ll leave you with this, Whenever you have your doubts remember to think about the place you are in. Are you living in His presence?. Remember that you have angels that are COMMANDED by God to watch after you both day and night! And finally, rest assured knowing that He will watch, keep, and rescue you in your time of trouble. Hold on tight to God and His promises as you go through life.

Thanks for reading this post! Please comment and share is this has blessed you or you believe it will be a blessing to someone else! :)

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