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The ministry of deliverance was important to Jesus! Jesus invested a vast portion of his time on earth ministering deliverance because he understood that an individual under oppression would never experience the abundant life that he would eventually die for them to have. Jesus fed his sheep by setting them free! Despite Jesus’ clear mandate to cast out demons, deliverance ministry is largely forgotten, avoided, and even mocked within the Body of Christ. As a result, generations of Believers stay trapped in demonic oppression because the chain-breaking power of deliverance ministry is absent in most churches. The information in this manual will train you to identify if a person is demonized, answer the controversial question of whether or not a Christian can be demonized, expose characteristics of various demon spirits, and teach you how to operate as a deliverance minister. Whether you are a Pastor of a flock or an individual searching for answers, the Biblical truths revealed in this manual have the power to break the bondage of oppression through the power of deliverance! 

Deliverance is the Children’s Bread

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