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teams & Ministries

ministry leaders


Darnell & Brukelle Banks

Campus Pastors and Director of Finance

Lisa .jpg

Lisa Bowman

Director of Connections Ministry


Zoe Williams

Director of Worship and Fine Arts


Mark & Kiara Davis

Directors of Youth Ministries


Almarie Robinson

Director of Evangelism


salina pace

Director of Intercession and Christian Education


Move Worship
Our music ministry, Move Worship, consists of a dynamic team of individuals who carry the
anointing of the minstrel. Whether it be leading praise and worship, singing in the background
on stage, playing an instrument, or ensuring that the sound equipment is just right, the mission
of our music ministry is to lead the congregation into the presence of God through the artistry
of music. If you know that you have the spiritual gift of ministering through music through
singing or instrument playing or have a passion for the more technical aspects of music such as
sound design, this is the ministry for you! For information about joining Move Sound contact:
Minister Zoe Williams

Shamar’s Mantle Intercession Tribe
At Move Church, prayer and intercession is at the foundation and heartbeat of everything we
do. Each member of Shamar’s Mantle is an individual who has identified the pull of the Holy
Spirit to a life of prayer. Our intercession team has been anointed to hold up the arms of Move
Church, the St. Louis Region, the nation, and the world through prophetic prayer and
intercession. Our Intercession ministry strives to refine the craft of prayer through trainings,
activations, and our Prayer Academy, a training class for the growing intercessor that is taught
by Apostle Gerald and Pastor Salina Pace. If you have identified the call to prayer on your life, or
you are interested in more information about this ministry, contact:
Pastor Salina Pace

Move Ladies!
Move Ladies! believes in overcoming by the “Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our
testimony.” It is impossible to live life successfully in isolation. The mission of Move Ladies! is to
provide avenues for all women to develop and nurture a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
by providing support systems, Christian education, and fellowship so that they might live
abundant and fruitful lives. Our women’s ministry meets on the third Saturday of most months
from 12-2pm. If you are a woman of Move Church, join us at our next fellowship meeting!
For more information about the Women’s Ministry, contact:
Pastor Brukelle Banks or Minister Lisa Bowman

Move Nation & Move Kidz!
Move Nation & Move Kidz! is our youth ministry. This ministry endeavors to build a foundation
within the hearts of our youth that is rooted in Christ and grounded in the Word of God. Our
youth church, youth conferences, and events are aimed at training our children and burgeoning
adults to live victoriously in a world that is becoming increasingly dark and hostile to Christ. If
you are a member of Move Church who has children ages 2-17, we would love to talk with you
about how Move Nation & Move Kidz! can best serve your needs. Our Sunday youth Church is

in need of teachers and members who possess a calling to edify our youth. For more
information about signing your children up for Movement Nation or becoming a team member,
Ministers Mark & Kiara Davis

Finance Team
No ministry can operate effectively without careful financial stewardship. The goal of our
Finance Team is to oversee the financial logistics of the church in order to ensure that the daily
operations of Move Church run smoothly, and ministry happens. Members of the Finance Team
oversee the offering, budgeting, and accounts payable. Additionally, Finance Team members
develop and oversee fundraising events and ensure the overall financial stewardship of the
ministry. Interested members should contact:
Pastor Brukelle Banks

Connections Ministry/Ushers & Greeters
People tend to overlook the importance of communications, ushering and greeting, but our
Connections Ministry serves on the frontline of ministry here at Move Church. As a member of
this ministry, you will have a unique opportunity to create a worship-ready atmosphere by
extending the love and service of Christ to every member and visitor who walks through the
doors of our church. Furthermore, our Connections Ministry volunteers are responsible for all
mass communication of Move Church, including Sunday announcements. Our greeters ensure
that each and every person who enters the building is greeted with a smile and any information
they might be seeking. Our Ushers help to assist the flow of service by showing members and
visitors to a seat, facilitating the offering, and serving the needs of those in attendance whether
it be a Kleenex or a drink of water. Members are able to decide if they would prefer mass
communications or the ushering/greeting arm of this ministry. If you have the ministry gift of
helps and/or would like to join this ministry, please contact:
Minister Lisa Bowman

Altar Worker’s Ministry (“Catchers”)
If you have ever experienced an altar-call at Move Church, you know that this is a dynamic,
power-packed, life changing time of worship. The Altar Workers of Move Church have the
unique responsibility of serving members and visitors during a very intimate and holy time.
During the altar-call, you will see our Catchers offering Kleenex, providing modesty covers, and
literally “catching” individuals at the altar. Because of the sensitive and grave nature of this
ministry, our Altar Workers undergo specialized training led by Apostle Pace or Pastor Salina
Pace. This ministry serves in conjunction with Shamar’s Mantle. If you would like to join this
ministry, please contact:
Pastor Salina Pace

Audio/Visual Ministry
The Audio/Visual Ministry of Move Church serves in conjunction with Move Worship. If you’ve
ever watched a live stream of service, seen a commercial, or witnessed a visual presentation at
Move Church, you have the Audio/Visual Ministry to thank. If you are tech-savvy and have a
passion for 21st-century ministry, please contact:
Minister Mark Davis

Evangelism Ministry
The Evangelism Ministry serves as the arms of Move Church. In order to make advances for the
kingdom of Christ, our reach must be greater than the four walls of the church building.
Through our outreach programs such as StrollCare, community dinners, drives, and
neighborhood missions trips, Move Church strives to draw the members of our community to
Christ. If you discern the call of God for Evangelism, have the gift or walk in the office of
Evangelism, or are just interested in joining this ministry, please contact:
Evangelist Almarie Robinson

Christian Education
The purpose of our Christian Education Ministry is to equip and release teachers to serve the
Body of Christ by rightly dividing the Word of God (2 Tim. 2:15). Our teachers are mature
Believers who have displayed an aptitude for teaching and training Christians in the Word of
God. Our teachers can be found teaching Home Group Bible Studies, Move Church Orientation,
and Move Ladies! Although our teachers are often provided with a curriculum, they are able to
teach according to their own particular style and the measure of their gift (Eph. 4:7). If you
possess the ministry gift of teaching and are interested in joining this ministry, please contact:
Pastor Salina Pace

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